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Feb 24, 2014 at 05:07 AM

Regarding- Badi for Copy Controls for Copying Standard Fields


Hello All,

I have a scenario where a spare part service order gets saved in the system and closed, a follow up document called service quote is given to the customer, the service order number does get copied to the reference field(shown below in my second screen shot), however since the reference field is not present on the SAP ECC side as a field in the quote, we need to copy this no in the external reference field of the quote, please advice which BADI should I use to trigger the requirement

Attaching the screen shot of the service order

Now I am creating the quote as the follow up to the service order, since the reference field is not present in sap ecc, we need the service order number to get copied to the external reference no, please advice which badi we need to use, as per my technical team the badi crm_copy_badi is only used to copy z or customized fields.

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