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Feb 23, 2014 at 11:44 PM

How can I delete a item programitically, from all 5 associated user's inboxes?



We are triggering a custom workflowm wherein the my workflow sends emails to user's SAP office workflow (say, 5 users) inbox for their decision (Accept / Reject), well.

Currently: Say, for example, User_1 accepted the work_item_1, hence the standard SAP is deleting the same work item from the rest of the 4 user's inboxes, well

New requirement: Say, We triggered the email and sent the emails to all 5 users, but say next day bcz of budget cut issues the Manager cancelled / closed the order/project, but already workflow sent emails all 5 users inboxes

Now, without knowing the fact that the order/proposal/project has been cancelled / closed the User_1 is clicked the ACCEPT button, at this moment (upon clicking the ACCEPT button) I need to put a validation that, if the order/prposal/project is cancelled/closed ALREADY, then I need to throw the same message and need to delete this item from all user's inboxes including User_1's inbox

I achieved & done most of the piece, but I need to do the red text part, pls. let me know How can I delete the work item in question from the current user's inbox and all other user's inbox as well, I mean, i need to do this programitically?

Thank you