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Former Member
Feb 22, 2014 at 10:24 AM

Problem with enhance receiver determination


Hi Team

I am using enhance receiver determination to determine the receiver. I have created one operation mapping which contains two java mapping which

determines the receiver. First java mapping remove the soap envelope and second java mapping determines the receiver.

The sender is a third party system and sends an xml message. The sender interface contains the XSD of the xml message. But the third party sends the

xml message within a additional SOAP envelope which we can not define in the service interface.

When I test the input message with envelope in operation mapping in ESR, it executes successfully.

But when I send the input message with envelope from 3rd party, its failing in receiver determination with the below error

Looks like the system expects the sender interface structure in ESR without the SOAP envelope because our XSD does not contain it.This is really strange because if we use the same operating mapping in interface determination, then system allows the input xml message with soap envelope which is common thing in many scenarios.

Any body has any idea how to over come this issue.