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Feb 21, 2014 at 07:55 PM

SAP Note implementation manually



I have a doubt and have been searching but cannot find any documentation or thread to answer it, the doubt is as follows:

When you manually apply a SAP Note, let's say note "1476315-Error in activation protocol for switch framework" in correction instructions choose SAP_BASIS Software Component Version, let's say 700 we have two correction instructions, for this example I'm starting with correction instruction 889018 and select first object correction to class "CL_SFW_ACTIVATE" method " DELETE_SFBF" we have the following:


Context Block

            ls_msg-var3  = sy-msgv3.
            ls_msg-var4  = sy-msgv4.
            ls_msg-langu =  sy-langu.

Delete Block

            ls_msg-level = '2'.
            ls_msg-severity = 'E'.

Insert Block

            ls_msg-level = '3'.
            ls_msg-severity = 'I'.

Now my doubt is; there's at least two code lines that match the text on the specific method, the difference is in the indent, so, does this context blocks consider indent in code lines (by indent I mean the spaces before the first text character of the code line) or should deletion and insertion should be done on every matching text ignoring indention?

My doubt raised because I did manually applied the mentioned SAP Note but did it considering the indenting, meaning that only applied the deletion and insertion of every correction and insertion where the spaces before let's say the " ls_msg-var3 = sy-msgv3." code line matched in the correction instruction and in the ABAP code and did not got the expected results, so that's why I'm trying to find some kind of standards or conventions according to "Context block" on correction instructions, to apply the correction instructions manually as they should be.

Any help would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your replies.