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Feb 21, 2014 at 06:10 PM

Setting up CUA in Solution manager (trusted connections)


Hello, I am working on setting up CUA on solution manger 7.1 , we currently have CUA up and running on a non solution manager system . I want to start using solution manager for CUA , I am setting CUA up in a separate client of solution manager , I am having problems getting the trusted connections working between solution manager and the child system that was set up with managed config. Example: in solution manger system A11, i have a child trusted connection SM_T02CLNT000_TRUSTED which points to T02, while in T02 I have a trusted connection to A11 , SM_A11CLNT001_TRUSTED, both of these connections are working ok when I do the test connection and test auth checks, and in managed config, they show green.

I set up the child system in A11 CUA ( SALE ,We20 is set up for T02 in A11 ,and We21 in A11 for T02 points to the trusted connection SM_T02CLNT000_TRUSTED) . When I go to SCUA and enter the system T02CLNT000 it gives me an RFC connection error. I was expecting that the trusted connections already defined by managed conf. would work ok for CUA, Is this not the case?