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Feb 21, 2014 at 06:35 PM

Time Management - How to process absences on unscheduled days?


Hello experts,

I have a request from my time administrators to allow them to enter an absence code on an unscheduled day in CAT2. This is due to the ever-changing business conditions that affect our production associate's working schedule frequently. The added task of frequent work schedule or daily substitutions is becoming too much, so thus the request to be more flexible in time entry. Right now we prevent absences on days where associates are not scheduled, controlled by the on-working period field in table T554S for the absence type. I have changed the field from an E to a W to allow the entry but provide a warning.

During my test, I tested an absence type with a quota deduction against it and it's not behaving in time evaluation as I expected. The absence is a vacation absence. I put a vacation absence code on a scheduled and unscheduled day, ran time evaluation, and the result was the associate receiving the vacation pay on the scheduled day, but no vacation pay on the unscheduled day.

I looked at time evaluation and it appears the AB table has an entry for each situation, however the table on the unscheduled day is:

The AB table on the scheduled day is:

I'm assuming the missing Abs. hrs, Abs. days, Payr. hrs, and Payr. days in the first entry are affecting whether a TIP entry is created or not.

My question is, what configuration table controls whether a TIP entry is created for the same absence type on a scheduled or unscheduled day?

Is there a better way of dealing with this?


Garrett Meredith


Absence_notip.JPG (48.8 kB)
Absence_tip.JPG (58.3 kB)