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Feb 21, 2014 at 01:29 PM

ABAP Lists printable in atrocious colors only..?



Printing an ABAP List on an expensive Xerox office printer via Postscript/PCL-5 Listdrivers produces a rather lamentable result illustrated by the picture below:

On top is the output of SHOWCOLO Abap as seen in SAP GUI, below ist the scan of what I'd call "What You See Is What You Never Get" printout. COL_BACKGROUND and COL_NORMAL are OK as they are. My Users could also live with INTENSIFIED_OFF of COL_POSITIVE and COL_NEGATIVE and INTENSIFIED of COL_TOTAL. BUT COL_HEADING, COL_KEY and COL_GROUP make printed Lists nearly "unreadable".

Why are the printed colors so different from what's seen in GUI - are we doing something wrong? After fiddling around in the system, searching OSS and Internet for hours I still have not found a way to influence printed colors for lists... - is it possible at all?

Thank you and best regards,