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Feb 21, 2014 at 11:23 AM

SAP Fiori Adminpage Catalog Loading Failed


Hi Experts,

We have recently installed SAP Fiori in our Mobility Server.But i am facing the following issue.When we load up the Fiori Admin Page we are getting an alert message as shown in the following screenshots

But the above mentioned catalogs are there in the Odata response.I debugged using chrome and in the network tab i found the odata call and even tried calling the odata stream in seperate window and i was able to find the catalog names which the alert was showing as cannot be loaded.

for example i was able to find the HCM002_HCM_LVRQ_CR in the odata stream as shown in the below screenshot

In our IDES system we previously tried installing a few apps in Fiori but the AdminPage is loading fine in there.I am unable to find out what is the mistake we made in our Mobility Server.

And also the odata is having all the catalog values in its response stream.

I am not sure whether its a Role assignment mistake or some other configurations.

These are the roles we have assigned for our User.



Authorizations from templates
And our Launchpage when loads is completely blank in both our Mobility Server and IDES. But When i run the applications individually from SICF the applications are working fine.
Note: our ui add-on is at SP07
Thanks In Advance, Bince Mathew C

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