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Feb 21, 2014 at 10:56 AM

-10 [OITT] error: released quantity greater than open quantity, when updating a pick list


Hello, I'm trying to update picked quantity for a pick list line, doing:

IPickLists curPicklist = (IPickLists)Global.oCompany.GetBusinessObject(BoObjectTypes.oPickLists);

//position on the right picklist
if (!curPicklist.GetByKey(picklistNum))
    throw new Exception("Picklist not found");

//position on the right line

//change picked quantity
curPicklist.Lines.PickedQuantity = newPickedQuantity;

//save the change
long result = curPicklist.Update();

Sometimes it works, sometimes doesn't and returns this error:

Error code: -10

Error message: [OITT], 'La quantità totale rilasciata per Ordine cliente 5, riga 1, è maggiore della quantità aperta'

In English should sound like "Total released quantity for Sales order 5, line 1, is greater than the open quantity".

I cannot understand the error because what it says seems wrong!...

And what does OITT has to do with this issue??? Bills of materials is not even used by us.

For instance order line has quantityof 39 and pick list line derived from it has released quantity of 39. With the above code I set picked quantity to 4 and it gives the error...