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Feb 21, 2014 at 09:44 AM

Profit Center Derivation in FB01


Dear SAP experts,

During we’re doing FI posting via FB01 we found that after filling the PSG data (the real cost object), Profit center is derived following to Profit center in Material Master based on KEDR maintenance but after filling statistical cost center, the profit center is re-derived again following to Profit center in Cost center Master although it’s not the real cost object.

As known, the stat. profit center should be derived following to the real cost object, but why it’s not. I tried to find out the reason and assumed that it’s may be the priority of Cost center is higher that PSG since it’s the master data but PSG is not. Is it correct? And is it the SAP standard?

However, have any SAP note or anyway else to force the profit center according to profit center as Material master in PSG which is the real cost object?

Thank you and best regards,