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Feb 20, 2014 at 09:01 PM

Mopz during solman upgrade process???


Hello Friends,

We are involving in upgradation process from solution manager 7.01 to solution manager 7.1 sp10. Now we are in kernel 7.20 UC, During Mopz it is giving us option to select the kernel 7.21 only but Sap hostagent and Igsexe files are in 7.20 like below.

Weather we have to upgrade the kernel to 7.21 or not required? What about the Hostagent and IGS files version difference?

Our other environment systems all are in 7.20 kernel, If the solman system kernel gets upgraded to 7.21 means will it support others?

And also during the stack-Dependent files selection phase in MOPZ - under the NON-ABAP section, there we can find the two files for SAP CPS FOR NETWEAVER 1. SAP CPS FOR NW 7.02 and 2. SAP CPS BY REDWOOD 8.0 like below image, which one will be suitable.

Please help us friends.


Farkath C


solman.JPG (65.2 kB)
solman1.JPG (67.1 kB)