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Feb 20, 2014 at 05:10 PM

Change Request creation with SOLAR01 issue



I have an issue when creating Change Transactions with reference to a Project Structure.

When I start the creation from transaction SOLAR01, on the tab Service Messages, and I create a new "Change Transaction" (of transaction type YMCR, a copy of SMCR), everything goes fine. My ticket gets created, and when I double-click it, I get into the WebUI on that ticket.

But the problem is when I do this the other way around. When I create a Request for Change in the WebUI, and I assign a project and project node to it,

it DOES appear at the correct location in SOLAR01. However, it appears with type "BMIS - Message". And that causes that when I click the ticket, it opens a url which thinks this ticket is an incident, which is completely wrong and un-editable (the button "display message" also goes to a screen with nothing in it):

And the strangest part is, when I try to create a message of type BMIS, the transaction types SMCR and YMCR are not even available there. So I really wonder how / why SolMan determines the message type BMIS, and if there is any place where this behaviour can be changed.

I would be very grateful if anyone can help me with this!

Kind regards,