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Feb 20, 2014 at 04:12 PM

rdisp/rfc_min_wait_dia_wp = rdisp/wp_no_dia ??


I have a central instance upon which I don't want I don't want any RFC processes to run (I have 2 dialog/idoc servers and 2 backround job servers). Currently I have rdisp/rfc_min_wait_dia_wp set to 1 less than rdisp/wp_no_dia and I have a spawned process that is dumping because the buffers are not setup for dialog processing. The only way I know how to prevent this is to set rdisp/rfc_min_wait_dia_wp = rdisp/wp_no_dia. The problem is that RZ11 does not allow this setting and if I make the change via profile parameters the Solution Manager EWA throws an error. Is this a "legal" configuration?