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Feb 20, 2014 at 04:03 PM

No agent assigned when an OU is assigned to workflow task


Hello All


a) The OU Owner for a certain OU resigend & left the organization. A new person is assgined as OU Manger.

b) this OU was assigned to certain workflow task. Till the old manager was was active in the system, the members of the OU were getting workflow items in there inbox.

c) once the new OU Manager is assigned to the OU, the workflow items stopped coming to members inbox.


a) On checking, we observed that in the workflow task, the OU Is assigned but there is no agent assigned to the ou & hence to the task.

b) I deleted the old assignment of OU & again assigned the OU but still it did not find any agent from the OU.

c) to cross check, I added another OU to the task & I can see that the members of another OU are assigned as the possible agents.


Can you please advise as to what I need to check / change so that members of the OU are assigned as agents for the task for this particular OU.

Thanks in advance