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Creating PO in backend from SRM and sending extra fields to ECC while PO creation

Hello All ,

I am trying for a long time on how I can add additional fields in SRM so that it can be transferred to ECC .

I am on classic scenario and not using XI ,

1. So I found out that I should check BBP_CREATE_BE_PO_NEW however it is only implemented for 1 country for me . Were does it display what all fields are sent ? I want to send Vper_start date and vper_end date to PO .Please guide me step by step .

2, I also checked there is another BADI /SAPSRM/BD_SOA_MAPPING but since we are not using Xi so this becomes irrelevant

3. I checked program LBBP_BD_DRIVER_46AF16 is hat I found from some one is used to send the fields to PO . Can I use this one as well ?

4. Lastly I found there is a BAPI which is called BAPI_po_create1 .. How to find where is this being called.

I am stuck at the basic minimum where I can see what fields are being transferred

how I can add fields I need to send

and How I can send the same to ECC and check by debugging . Please comment and let me know .

Step by step instructions would be much helpful.

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1 Answer

  • Posted on Feb 20, 2014 at 02:13 PM

    Hello Vinita,

    check this below wiki:

    Transfer process of the Shopping Cart

    Have a look also at below document:

    How to transfer custom fields from SRM to Backend

    Both are for SRM 5.0, but it is the same for SRM 7.0 release (except some BAdI from second hyper-link).



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