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Feb 20, 2014 at 06:45 AM

planned order conversion to production order check



I have one requirement that while planne order conversion to production order. we need a check that system should not convert the planned order to production order if the Document type-ZAO is not with in the sale order range (1050 to 1090).

For this i will explain the process.

My scenario is Make to order. we are running MRP in MD50 by giving sale order. This sale order effectivity we are giving in Document type-ZAO. This Document type is assigning to material.

if i am running the MRP for 1091 sale order. Then planned orders will generate. Now my Document assigned to material is having sale order range 1050 to 1090 only. So my Document is not extended to 1091 sale order. Then in that case the planned order of that material should not convert to production order. Because the Document type is not extended to 1091.

For this Our SCN guys have given the BADI is

Use the BADI : BADI - WORKORDER_UPDATE, method AT_SAVE, here you can prevent saving the order ifDocuments are not released in created stage with error message.

For this how to give the table logic to ABAPer for using this BADI. Please help me.




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