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Feb 20, 2014 at 05:02 AM

Promise to Pay with Payment Method and Payment Dishonours


Hello Gurus,

We have a requirement where we need to setup payment methods on P2P installments irrespective of Payment method setup on Contract Account or not. What this means is that, even if contract account has no incoming payment method setup, agent should be able to setup incoming payment method for P2P installments. God bless SAP, this is the standard functionality and SAP gives us option to setup payment method indicidually, so no issues.

Now, in a standard scenario, when a payment is returned (dishonoured), based on dishonour reason config at FICA > Business Transactions > Returns > Configure Return Reasons, we have an option to Delete incoming payment method and apply payment lock to avoid next DD payment to happen on next day itself. We have two options here:

Delete Incoming payment method

1. Delete incoming payment method from Contract Account (removes payment method from contract account)

2. Delete incoming payment method in item. (removes payment method from open item).

Incoming Payment Lock

1. Incoming payment lock on CA

2. Incoming payment lock on open Item

Nowhere i can see the config for Promise to Pay, So, if i have a P2P installments with incoming payment method set, I cannont see the config to delete incoming payment method from P2P installement or apply payment lock on P2P.

Can you suggest me either some config which I'm missing which allows me to remove incoming payment method from P2P installments and apply payment lock on dishonors or some enhancement which can help me to achieve this. Help will be really appreciated.


Ravi Ahuja