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Feb 20, 2014 at 02:41 AM

F4 Dropdown in SALV report


Hi ,

My report is simple. I am selecting data from joining two tables. After that I am showing data using SALV Objects. But none of the field in the report show value in F4 or dropdown list. For instance, fields like RFBSK, ERDAT and FKART. I have defined my internal table using same data dictionary field used in select statement. Following is the methods used after selecting data into table ts_output. Only posting status (RFBSK) show dropdown button but clicking on button does not show all defined value ranges.

cl_salv_table=>factory( IMPORTING r_salv_table = gr_table
CHANGING t_table = ts_output ).

gr_functions = gr_table->get_functions( ).
gr_functions->set_all( abap_true ).

gr_columns = gr_table->get_columns( ).
gr_columns->set_optimize( abap_true ).

gr_display = gr_table->get_display_settings( ).
gr_display->set_striped_pattern( cl_salv_display_settings=>true ).
gr_display->set_list_header( 'Croatia - Reporting on Zero invoices' ).

gr_table->display( ).

Any Idea?

Thanks and Best Regards,