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Feb 20, 2014 at 12:00 AM

Repartioning - Does the partitioning config need to be the same on all system prior to transport?



I am going to repartition an InfoCube that has 10 million records of data and never been partitioned. When repartitioning you need to config the Date Range and Max No. of Partitions.

1. Does this config need to be exactly the same in every system in order to successfully transport or could the config be different considering our BWD system will have much less volume than out BWP production system?

2. Does the InfoCube need to be fully compressed prior to repartitioning?

3. Can anyone give some specifics on what kind of backup should be done or requested from Basis prior to repartitioning an infocube?

"We recommend that you completely back up

the database before you execute this function. This ensures that if an error

occurs (for example, during a DB catalog operation), the can restore the system

to its previous status."

4. Documentation mentions performance is only achieved when Time characteristics are consistent. Ex. 0CALMON and 0CALDAY agree. Does this mean that the performance benefit for the whole cube won't be seen at all or is it just the inconsistent records that don't see the performance gain?

Thanks for the help.