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Feb 19, 2014 at 03:54 PM

Full load without affecting delta for logictics DS?


Hi all,

We are using a DSO, 0SRCT_DS1. It recieves data from four data sources.

1. 0BBP_TD_CONTR_2 - EBP Purchase Contracts

2. 0SRM_REL_CT - Contract Linkages

3. 2LIS_02_ITM - Purchasing Data (Item Level)

4. 2LIS_02_SCL - Purchasing Data (Schedule Line Level)

We have to reload data to this DSO.

Data sources 1 and 2 i.e. 0BBP_TD_CONTR_2 & 0SRM_REL_CT send data only specific to this DSO so we would delete the delta do a full load and then reinitialize the delta for these data sources.

But the issue/question is with the Logistics data source. The data sources 2LIS_02_ITM & 2LIS_02_SCL feed data to various other infoproviders whose delta we don’t want to corrupt/cause errors.

Q1: Do we have to delete and fill up the setup tables for a full load (toget to a point of most current data)? And would this cause issues to the delta currently running normally?

Q2: When/if we have to do a fill up of the setup tables is it recommended after business hours/down time?

Q3: And once the DSO is loaded with the full load since the delta for this Data Source is already initialized just scheduling a delta Infopackage would continue working normally?

I did search the forum and found helpful posts/articles, but just wanted to confirm please..

Helpful post:

Thank you.