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Feb 19, 2014 at 03:16 PM

Need help to track cost on Activity Network



I am very new in SAP PS, I do not have knowledge as IT or Consultancy in ABAP. I have a situation and I need to propose something to the Bussiness/IT.

I need to see all detailed costs on Network actovity. We have some Networks with more activites; after working hours are booked we can see in CN41N an overall of total hours booked on each activity, but cost are only on Network level. I can see in CN48N detailed extract on Activity, but unfortunatelly it does not include any costs. It include all the informatin I need, but without costs.

Maybe there is not defned in the system to view total costs on Activity also in CN41N and can be defined? Maybe that can be extracted from a table from SE16?

Thank you!