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Feb 19, 2014 at 03:16 PM

Number range customizing to be used in USEREXIT_NUMBER_RANGE



We are going to use the userexit "USEREXIT_NUMBER RANGE" to have different numbering for the invoices of each company code.

  1. First, I create the number range ID 80 from 9000000000 to 9099999999
  2. Secondly, I assign billing type F2 to number range ID 80 (from 9000000000 to 909999999)

and then I need to Split this number range for each company code.

My question is: where do we have to create the subranges for eachcompany codes:

COMPANY CODE A -- NUMBER RANGE ID A1 -- FROM 901000000 to 9019999999

COMPANY CODE B -- NUMBER RANGE ID B1 -- FROM 902000000 to 9029999999


The problem is that I could not créate number ranges IDs A1 and A2 because it would be overlapping with nr.range ID 80 previously defined.

Could anyone clarify me this issue?

Thanks in advance,