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Feb 19, 2014 at 01:42 PM

Material rebate not accrued after VBOF run


Hi Experts,

VBOF run did not udpate the accruals to the material rebate agreement.

Following are the actions performed:

a) Created a sales flow till invoice.

b) setup the payer relevant for rebate

c) setup the rebate agreement for the above mentioned payer

d) Please note, rebate agreement validity period is within the date range , the invoice was created.

e) Ran VBOF for the created material rebate.

While checking the rebate agreement, I do not see any acrrual generated . Is there any reason behind it?

When we do the same thing for a customer rebate, accural got updated.

Why the accrual has not added to the material rebate ? Can you guys advise on this.