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Feb 19, 2014 at 09:57 AM

BI-IP template with char without MD


Hi, gurus!

This is the copy of my discussion in SAP BEx thread.

I created characteristic without master data, and made input ready query with this char. in columns.

When I start this query in Excel interface, I am able to input in my new characteristic field any data.

But when I start the same query in WEB-template, system checks entered data and posts error.

Unfortunately I can't find this error in English. It is something about: Missing or incorrect characteristic value in the new row/column: Name of the char.

So, as you could see, I was able to enter first row in Excel (800351), but why in WEB the same operation was impossible?

1. My Char. doesn't have texts

2. I tried to both cyrillic and latin symbols entering new values.


Pict.PNG (11.7 kB)