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Feb 19, 2014 at 08:10 AM

SQ02 infoset - aditional field calculation for total



I have made a simple infoset in SQ02 with billing document header table VBRK and item VBRP. In item table I have VBRP-VOLUM which displays item volume.

The task is to get total volume per invoice VBRK-VBELN

To get total volume per invoice I can simply use subtotals functions directly in SQ01 queary, but instead I want to :

1) add aditional field in infoset - this I can do it through infoset extras -ok

2) in code section for this field whrite abap code that would calculate total sum of VBRP-VOLUM per invoice. Here I need help - what codes lines should I enter ?

probably this simple code but I am not Abaper so ask for help 😊