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Feb 19, 2014 at 07:36 AM

Found SQL error -99999 occurred log entry in sm21


Hi Experts,

Today i have seen TIME_OUT ABAP Dump and relevant information for dump in st22

The program "ZXX_REPORT" has exceeded the maximum permitted runtime

without interruption and has therefore been terminated.

Relevant SM21 Log entries for the dump are as below

SQL error -99999 occurred; work process in reconnect status

A database operation returned a return code that indicates that the

work process is no longer connected to the database, or that this

connection was broken for a while.

This error can occur, for example, if the database was shut down, but

not the SAP System. Network problems can also cause the connection

between the application server and the database server to be broken.

For initial information on the cause of the error, see the database

error text.

Work process has left reconnect status

The work process has left the reconnect status. It has successfully

reconnected to the database (instance) and can now send database

requests to the database (instance).

Relevant information for dump in dev_w0 work process log file as below

ThAlarmHandler (1)

ThAlarmHandler (1)

ThAlarmHandler: set CONTROL_TIMEOUT/DP_CONTROL_JAVA_EXIT and break sql

Received cancel request for current DB operation

SQLCancel() successfully processed -> DBSL_ERR_OK

db_sqlbreak() = 0

program canceled

reason = max run time exceeded

user = USER1

client = 100

terminal = pc

report = ZXX_REPORT

ThAlarmHandler: return from signal handler

Execution cancelled in toplevel function: DbSlBegReadDB6

program canceled

reason = max run time exceeded

user = USER1

client = 100

terminal = PC

report = ZXX_REPORT

*** ERROR in DB6EndTransaction[dbdb6.c, 6583] CON = 0 (BEGIN)

&+ DbSlRollbackDB6( SQLEndTran ): [IBM][CLI Driver] CLI0106E Connection is closed. SQLSTATE=08003



Kindly suggest on this issue with your valuable information.