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Jan 18, 2017 at 09:31 AM

cl_salv_table fieldcatalog issue when structure in structure



I am using class cl_salv_table for create and display an ALV.

But the fieldcatalog generated by cl_salv_table is not correct.

The table I want to display is like this : (based on structure in SE11)

  • fname
  • lname
  • structure address
  • ------> street 1
  • ------> street 2
  • ------> ...
  • function

and so on ..

But at the display I will have :

fname / lname / No label (and only value of street1 is displaying) / function.

Structure address is not displaying (just the first field). I dont want to manually add the missing field.

If I run LVC_FIELDCATALOG_MERGE with structure in paramaters, it works, i get all fields.

Method : cl_salv_controller_metadata=>set_lvc_fieldcatalog didn't work.

Thanks for any help,


G. Rosati.