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Nov 04, 2005 at 03:30 PM

How to control permissions in KM using File System Repository Manager


Hello everybody

I have a scenario with 15+ file servers which content needs to be mapped into Portal KM as read-only.

Windows Authentication is configured on the portal, so the users don't need to supply the portal with username/password.

Now the users are of course only allowed to see the same content in the portal as they can see on the file servers. I know that the permission mapping can be done using a File System Repository Manager with W2KSecurityManager, but in that case the users will have to maintain the mapping of rights from windows to portal manually. And with ever-changing passwords this is too big an administrative task. So I am looking for another solution.

My question is therefore:

How can you configure the File System Repository Manager in a way where it the user does not need to maintain "user mapping" manually, but only need to logon to the portal (through windows authentication) and can see the same files from the portal as he/she can see from the file servers.

Can this information in some way be taken from the configured Windows Authentication? Or is the only solution to enable WebDav on the file servers and and follow the "Integration of Windows File Servers into the SAP KM platform Using SSO and the WebDAV Repository Manager"-guide?

Any help will be rewarded.

Best regards,

Martin S√łgaard