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Feb 19, 2014 at 12:57 AM

Problems configuring locations harmonisation


Hi All,

We are having some problems with data harmonisation related to the loading of master data.

We are trying to load location master data through the propagation step: /DDF/DS21 -> /DDF/DS31.

Below is a failed DTP request.

We've worked through some of the problems, but we don't think the settings are configured correctly in SPRO under "define object types".

The below object types were already present, but the BO classes etc weren't configured.









So to take the location one (FDH_LOC) as an example, we have configured it like so:


database table: /DDF/FDH_LOC

BO attribute structure: /DDF/S_FDH_BO_LOC

enriched attribute structure: /DDF/S_FDH_BO_ENRICHED_LOC

ID of leading object: <initial>

object type of leading object: <initial>

then have configured this with Harm obj. = Yes

src object = Y

Harmonise = Y

ttribute for selecting attribute type: LOCATION_TYPE

Configured all of the others in a similar way and activated them all. It wasn't possible to have them there and inactive as this generated dumps

Then I think this is where the problem is:

Under "Define External Keys" we have both Harmonized and Source present, counter = 1 for both. What values should be present here for the default configuration for "key attribute"? The ones that defaulted in were "DATA_LOAD_ID" for both. I believe this was causing the error in the first screen shot - for obvious reasons.

I have changed it to some of the other attributes that come through with the file, but this generates a short dump due to an unassigned field symbol in method /DDF/CL_FDH_BO_OBJ -> CREATE_T_BY_ATTR_STRUC_FIELD at the below:

IF iv_source_field_relevant_ind EQ abap_false.

ls_comp_tab-name = <ls_field_name>-associated_field.


ls_comp_tab-name = <ls_field_name>-source_field.



ASSIGN COMPONENT ls_comp_tab-name

OF STRUCTURE is_sturctue TO <ls_field>.

lo_field_descr ?= cl_abap_typedescr=>describe_by_data( p_data = <ls_field> ).

CATCH cx_root.

ASSERT 1 = 0.


iv_source_field_relevant evaluates to false, but the ls_comp_tab-name is initial, so the following field symbol assignment fails with an error.

For the "key attribute" value, I was expecting the input help to provide the Location_ID field for the source as this is my unique identifier. Why doesn't it do this?

The SPRO help for this customising screen says the following:

"You define which attribute or combination of attributes is used as an external key that identifies records of the available object record types. You can use any attribute that is available in the BO structure.

For example, you define the attribute OBJECT_ID as being the only external key or you use a combination of attributes like OBJECT_ID and EXTERNAL_KEY.

Make sure that the external keys are unique. If a data delivery contains multiple object records with the same external key these records are considered as one."

But it wont let me enter "OBJECT_ID" as the "attribute key" for "source". It gives the following error when saving in SPRO:

Attribute OBJECT_ID of object type FDH_LOC is
not allowed as external key

Many thanks if anyone is able to provide any assistance.




DSiM errors 1.png (131.0 kB)
dsim error 2.PNG (21.6 kB)