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Feb 18, 2014 at 02:30 PM

Error while activating transfer rule - no component /BIC/ZREF_KEY1



Some time ago I created custom characteristic zref_key1 in reference with 0ref_key1.

Now I try to add texts to my new characteristic.

With 0ref_key1 I:

- set "with texts" on (medium lenght text exist)

- application component = LO-IO

- info area = 0CA_IO

Characteristic activated - OK

Then I created a transfer rule for zref_key1 with a infosource 0customer_text.

The problem is when I try to activate the transfer rule. The error: KosInf=ZREF_KEY1$T ŻrInf=0CUSTOMER_TEXT. No component exists with the name "/BIC/ZREF_KEY1" line 34.

What kind error is that.How to solve this. 😕

Best regards,