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Feb 18, 2014 at 10:54 AM

Mapping of more than one fields out of DB-Table



I'm sometimes facing the situation, that I need more fields out of one database-table mapped within AIF. For example I need for one Handling-Unit knowing the EXIDV (which is in the VEKP) the fields VEKP-VENUM + VEPO-WERKS + VEPO-LGORT + VEPO-MATNR .... or I need with the RESB the fields RSNUM, RSART, RSPOS knowing the order-number and the material (I have to distinguish, whether there is a batch involved or not, so I have to make two selects).

What to do in this case?

- create a function call for each field

- create a function call after mapping

- get the fields during process of the action function call

Is there a recommend practice how to solve this issue?

best regards