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Feb 18, 2014 at 09:59 AM

How to hide data labels that have a value "0" via CSS



I am trying to hide the labels where the text value is "0".

I have been able to hide all labels successfully by using the following CSS

/* Try to hide labels with text value 0 */

.chart-style-1 g.v-m-datalabel g.v-datalabel text

{ visibility: hidden; }

The inspector in Chrome shows this code in the page:

Reading up on CSS, I am trying to refine the above CSS code to apply this only to lines where the text value is 0, e.g. <text visibility="....">0</text>.

However, I don't think my syntax is correct. I am to identify via the relevant texts via properties. The DOMInspector shows the following relevant properties that contain the text value:

  • textContent
  • innerHTML

So how can I modify the above statement to apply the hidden only to texts that have a textContent of "0"?

Many Thanks



pastedImage_6.png (13.1 kB)