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Feb 18, 2014 at 08:36 AM

(solved) Connect Predictive Analysis to Oracle DB via JDBC without hostname



I have the need to connect Predictive Analysis to an Oracle 11.2 data base using JDBC. Is this possible without having the host name but only using other Oracle mechanisms like the service? What would be required on the client machine (e.g. it is required to have a TNSNAMES.ORA file?).

Using the default PA database access to Oracle databases does not work as it seems that PA needs the server to be described in host:port:service format. I tried to use the generic JDBC access with the Oracle JDBC-driver jar-file but did not manage to build the connect string correctly for my situation.

UPDATE: I managed to get access to an Oracle system using the generic JDBC driver and building the URL in the following form:

jdbc:oracle:thin:@/<service> and using JDBC class oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver.



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