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Feb 18, 2014 at 01:36 AM

I did TMG regeneration, recreating event, fields visible length change for Z table?



We hve a Z table in production and it has table maintennece generator TMG, it will be updated via SM30, I got a requirement from business that I need to increase one of its field from 15 to 40, hence I did below,

1) Increased the associated data element's length

2) did SE14 for the table

3) I have regenerated the TMG

3) As this table has 01 type table event , and it got deleted, so I replicated the same event

4) As users want to hv a full screen size SM30 so, I changed the field's visble lengths in SM30 by going to itys screen

For all these I used TR_1, well

Now, functional guy want to do not use TR_1, hence he provided me a another new TR_2, meaning, only TR_2 willl be moved to QA / PRD

Pls. let me know how can I transfer objects from TR_1 to TR_2, is it just copy & paste from TR_1 TO tr_2by double clicking their tasks simply? is it safe? any better approach?

Thank you