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Feb 17, 2014 at 11:43 PM

IP: How to deal with invalidated combinations when master data frequently change


Hi colleagues,

on one of our Info Cubes we have activated 8 characteristic relationships (6 check/create + 2 derive) which should ensure planner is going to manually enter only allowed combinations. One of the relations between the characteristics being entered, lets say A and B is 1 to many.

Since master data are changing frequently, there is a problem that lots of previously entered planing addresses (characteristic combinations) are being frequently invalidated. It means 2 kinds of problems:

a) planner can't correct invalidated entries (i.e. set to 0 an re-enter the same amount with correct combination)

b) planning functions would fail when dealing with invalidated combinations - planning functions should support i.e. organizational changes (copy CC/repost CC) or approval step (set flag Status + Date of approval) on invalidated combinations as well.

For example, the approval step is especially critical since we are also trying to keep history of plan changes through "Date_of_approval" characteristic. Hence, when reposting previously approved invalidated combination (i.e. with flag Status = "A" and Date_of_approval = "1.1.2014.") we would like it to have Status = " " (not approved) an blank Date_of_approval = " " and it would be subject of subsequent approval (when value of Date_of_approval is known) step. However, system copies the two values of Status and Date_of_approval from original record.

Also, planner may manually enter data for i.e. data set A, at the same time while data set B is being approved by manager.

In general, what would be best approach to deal with invalidated combinations?

We are aware of possibility to run Delete Invalidated Combinations and then re-enter (correct) combinations.

Kind regards, Josko.