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Feb 17, 2014 at 03:21 PM

Transportation cost recharge - billing vendor


Hi Guys,

This is more a design question, however, I would be keen to know if anyone has come across similar requirements or knows of a possible solution. I am not familar with the TM functionality and am unaware if this would meet our exact needs.

Current Setup

We have LE-Transportation configured but do not have Transport management (TM). The business captures all transport planning via shipments and records costs via shipment cost document against the inbound deliveries. All transportation is completed via 3rd party haulage firms, therefore, shipment cost are transferred to MM as a service entry against the forwarding agent and paid by invoice receipt against this PO.


The business acts as a transport broker, i.e. plans transport on behalf of 3rd party vendors (material owners), and uses a forwarding agent (haulier) to complete the delivery. The Haulier is paid via service PO from the transfer for the shipping cost, however, currrently the recharge of this cost (plus commission) is manually completed through SD.


As well as the manual effort in recharging the cost, the business are struggling to track if everything has been recharged correctly and accurately reporting the margin.

Q. Has anyone come across similar requirements? or does anyone know of any functionality that would meet this requirement? or is there functionality within the TM solution?

All thoughts or ideas would be beneficial