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Feb 17, 2014 at 12:37 PM

Migrating from PI 7.11 to PI 7.31 (single stack) - HTTP Adapter



I need some advice please.

a) We are migrating from 7.11 to 7.31 (*single stack). The construct of the URL for the HTTP sender adapter has changed. Rather than issue my customers with a new URL I was wondering if any of the PI experts had any experience with using a web dispatcher or reverse proxy to modify the incoming url so that it is presented to PI in the correct form. The construct the below.

b) Does anyone know what the required parameters are for the PI 7.31 HTTP Adapter? The help (link below) states that 'The parameters msgguid is optional. The parameter queueid is specified only if the QoS is EOIO.' Hopwever, I would have thought that the Sender Party, Receiver Party and Receiver Servce would be optional.

HTTP adapter Help 7.31

Configuring the Java HTTP Adapter on the Sender Channel - Advanced Adapter Engine - SAP Library

URL Constructs

PI 7.11 URL construct


path = /sap/xi/adapter_plain?










PI 7.31 URL Construct


path = /HttpAdapter/HttpMessageServlet?