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Feb 17, 2014 at 12:33 PM

Sales order costing - Price control in sales order BOM



In sales order BOM, we have materials which are marked with price control 'V'. However in sales order costing, the price is getting picked from the standard price. This behaviour is probably due to transfer control in the costing variant which reads the current material cost estimate before picking the price as per price control. Is this behavior normal? Should the material cost estimate be read before reading the price control in material master?

Also, when we delete the current cost estimate (using CKR1) the sales order costing picks up some other cost estimate from past instead of reading the price control V in the material master. We dont understand how this is happening.

Also, one the cost estimates that sales order costing is picking does not even exist in CKIS table. We have no clue where the cost estimate comes from. Is there any other table where cost estimates are saved? Specifically, any table that stores sales order cost estimate?

Our main concern is that when a material is marked with V, it should pick the moving avg price, not standard price or any cost estimate.

Strategy sequence in the valuation variant is completely fine.