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Feb 17, 2014 at 10:12 AM

Error while creating timestamp in local (CET) timezone


Hello fellow SDNers,

I am getting the DST timestamp (-1 hrs) when i try to create the timestamp. 😭

This is the code that i have written -

  1. CONVERT DATE sy-datlo
  2. TIME sy-timlo
  3. INTO TIME STAMP DATA(locl_tstmp)
  4. TIME ZONE sy-zonlo.

Debugging session looks like this -

SAP documentation on CONVERT INTO TIMESTAMP says & i quote -

If the addition DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME is not specified, then the value of dst is set to "X" implicitly if the data in tim and dat is in summer time and is set to " " for data in winter time.

Refer. - ABAP Keyword Documentation

Am i missing something? 😕