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Feb 17, 2014 at 06:52 AM

Triggering pricing procedure for different fields


Hello All Experts,

I have the following requirement,

In sales documents under line items, whenever there is a change in the Target-quantity field (Screen field-VBAP-ZMENG) a pricing prodecure gets triggered and the value of Net quantity(Screen field-VBAP-NETWR) is recalculated. This is like standard behaviour, Now for my requirement

I have a particular subroutine procedure which needs to get triggered whenever i change the values in following fields and hit enter, the fields are

Plant (Screen field- VBAP-WERKS)

Pricing date (Screen field-VBKD-PRSDT)

material Pricing group (Screen field-VBAP-MATKL)

Price list category (Screen field-VBKD-PLTYP)

Material main item

Document Currency (Screen field-VBAK-WAERK)

Could You please suggest me the user exits where i can code to trigger my Subroutine whenever there is change in these fields.

Am very thankful for your help 😊

Thanks and regards,