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SC line item Product category based approval process like Cost centre based approval process


In SRM 7.01 SC approval process I am using Process controlled WF with decision type 3.

I know that approval can with Cost centre based and there is method where Cost centres are Mapped with AREA guid.

But here i have a requirement to create the aprpoval process based on Line items Product category. is there Area of responsibility corresponds to a product category.??

I tried to map Line item with AREA Guid the same way we used to mapped in cost centre based approval process.

After this system not taking the Product category Sum up value in subject line while sending the WI.

which class i should use from below and how to use it.














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3 Answers

  • Posted on Feb 17, 2014 at 11:57 AM

    Hi Indranil,

    What you can do is Go to Tcode OOCU_RESP and assign the responsibility for those Product categories and assign those product categories in Org Structure for Purchasing Groups and you can use this "/SAPSRM/CL_WF_AREA_PURCH_GRP" and pick the approver assigned to this position and display this on portal.



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  • Posted on Feb 17, 2014 at 08:45 AM
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    • Thanks Konstantin,

      for sharing useful information for basic understanding.

      But the thread is not fulfiling my requirement. i try to give the example

      in the SC i have 3 line items with Prod cat--1..LAPTOP--$10 2. LAPTOP -$20 3. DESKTOP-$15.

      as the meaning of partial document approval type 3.

      there should be only two decisionset and as two diff. prod. category set in SC.

      one for LAPTOP value $30 and other with $15 by assigning the product cat. as Area guid.

      the same way Cost centre based approval work.

      Creating set of cost centre and that many user decisions.

  • Posted on Feb 17, 2014 at 12:18 PM

    Hello Indranil,

    create your own class based on the standard one /SAPSRM/CL_WF_AREA_COST_CTR.

    Then, in order to call your specific implementation, create an implementation for /SAPSRM/BD_WF_AGENTS enhancement spot in order to implement /SAPSRM/BD_WF_RESP_RESOLVER BAdI.

    Filter for BAdI implementation will be BUS2121 for DOCUMENT_TYPE and your specific resolver name for RESP_RESOLVER_NAME (create your specific responsability resolver name through IMG: SAP Implementation Guide > SAP Supplier Relationship Management > SRM Server > Cross-Application Basic Settings > Business Workflow > Process-Controlled Workflow > Business Process Configuration > Define Filter Values for BAdI 'Define Agents')

    Inside your specific BAdI implementation, create your own /SAPSRM/IF_EX_WF_RESP_RESOLVER~GET_AREA_TO_ITEM_MAP (to create the workflow area type and the leading

    object) and /SAPSRM/IF_EX_WF_RESP_RESOLVER~GET_APPROVERS_BY_AREA_GUID (to get the responsability area) methods based on the standard ones.



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    • thankS,

      i had pasted Cost based code no worrries.

      so next code lines will be about item mapping with area


      so as per you after this code system will take care about Product category based approval , the way cost base working. System will create the Sum of product category for decision set which is needed in WI subject line.

      e.g Line 1 -laptop-10 AUD line2--laptop 13 AUD line3-Desktop--5 AUD.

      so output will be two decisionsets one for laptop value-23 AUD and another for Desktop value 5Aud.

      Along with this, Offline approval mail will send the content have those product category line items for which Product category this decision set has been created.

      so different agent will get different mail with diferent content and diff amount. if different user assigned to SC different product category.

      I am working on this from quite long time and number of times checked , i have implemeted , the way you suggesting but might ve SAP SRM don't think of such scenario .