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Feb 16, 2014 at 01:20 PM

Loan Configurations (IT0045) - Payroll India



I am configuring infotype 45 to achieve the following:

3 loan types:

  1. Education Loan
  2. Festival Loan
  3. Emergency Loan

I need to do it in a way where loan types 1 or 2 can both be availed at the same time. But if the employee wants to avail any of the loans 1 or 2 again while any of these ares still outstanding; system should not allow the user to populate/save infotype 0045 with new records.

There is no such boundation for Emergency Loan.

I have configured these in a where I have put loan type 1 & 2 in one grouping while loan type 3 is in another grouping. When I try to create records of loan types 1 or 2 while old outstanding records exist; I encounter warnings but the system allows to create new records.

How can I configure the system to throw errors in such situations.

Please help.