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Feb 16, 2014 at 12:51 PM

When 2 fields in one table refer to 1 field in another table


Hi friends, I have got 2 tables.

In 1st table MATNR exists as PMATNR and SMATNR.

In 2nd table only MATNR exists (logically it has the values of both PMATNR & SMATNR).

Common field is Location(LocNo).

Now I need to retrieve fields AT101 and AT104 from 2nd table based on Location and MATNR.

Each record in 1st table will have 2 records in 2nd table (as MATNRs are classified into 2 types)..

How do I pass values of both PMATNR and SMATNR from 1st table to a single MATNR field(in 2nd table) along with Location and retrieve AT101 and AT104 from 2nd table??

Pls help me out...