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Feb 16, 2014 at 01:01 PM

PT60 --> Clock out Is't reading


Dear Gurus,

I'm doing positive time management I've scenario like Night allowance, Scenario: who ever will work on night shift they will get night shift allowance for this I'm testing with one PERNR --> I've maintained attendance date's in IT 2011 like 01.01.2014, 02.01.2014 and also I've written PCR

When I did run PT60 system is not reading current day clock out means if i will maintain one day attendance then system is reading that day clock in only at the same time if i will maintain 5 day's attendance in IT 2011 then system is reading up to 5th day clock in only.

For more clarification



02.01.2014 clock out is missed...

Kindly let me know where is the mistake where did i do config wrong...




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