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Feb 16, 2014 at 03:30 AM

Join Internal Tables


I have ITAB like itab1 and itab2 ad bellow. I need to join that itabs as I have shown in bellow. Please let me know easy way for going that.

ITAB1 SO LI FIED1 FIELD2 PO SO1 LI1 F11 F21 SO2 LI2 F12 F22 SO3 LI3 F13 F23 ITAB2 SO LI PO SO1 LI1 PO11 SO1 LI1 PO12 SO1 LI1 PO13 SO2 LI2 PO21 SO2 LI2 PO22 SO3 LI3 PO31 SO3 LI3 PO32 SO3 LI3 PO33

With join these table O need to get bellow table. Please tel me a method to do that please.

ITAB_FINAL SO LI FIED1 PO FIELD2 SO1 LI1 F11 PO11 F21 SO1 LI1 F11 PO12 F21 SO1 LI1 F11 PO13 F21 SO2 LI2 F12 PO21 F22 SO2 LI2 F12 PO22 F22 SO3 LI3 F13 PO31 F23 SO3 LI3 F13 PO32 F23 SO3 LI3 F13 PO33 F23