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Feb 15, 2014 at 10:36 AM

Error- Low value asset max.amount exceeded. No posting allowed


Hello SAP FICO Community

I am executing AFBN transaction code in Production to open new depreciation area. When I execute AFBN in Test Mode,I am getting following error -

"Low value asset max.amount exceeded. No posting allowed" message # AA614

Above error message is shown in log for 110 errors across 3 India based company codes.

Status "X" is shown against particular India CC, while it is ok (tick mark) for other two India CC. Despite it shows number of errors for these three CC in column "Error Found".

This question has been repeated before, But solution available has not helped me. Please provide inputs as this is urgent. When AFBN t-code was executed in Quality system for new dep area, it did not give error.