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WP bugging

I just tried to create a blog post on Business Trends. As soon as I logged on, I couldn't get any pages at all. I chose "log out", the pages came back -- and I was still logged in...

Then as I tried to create the blog, parts of the interface kept disappearing at random -- e.g. I would write the post, but then the interface below that window (including the "save" button) was no longer visible. I saw the same behavior with two different browsers (Chrome & Firefox on Mac). I eventually wrote the post by writing in the panel, copying the text, then switching browser, hitting refresh to get a clean interface, and then pasting in the text -- but as soon as I tried to edit the text, the same thing would happen, and I'd have to copy the text, switch browser, etc.

In addition, the translation from the text to visual panels doesn't seem to work correctly (or at least, not the same as the wordpress defaults, as on my own personal site) -- e.g. a carriage return didn't close a <p> paragraph tag -- instead it inserts lots of ugly <br /> tags

One effect of this was when I went to add blockquote styling to a paragraph, it would apply it to all of the preceding paragraphs, as well...

Here's the "finished" post, complete with ugly paragraph spacing:

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