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Feb 14, 2014 at 11:38 PM

How to Deploy EAR files in NW7.4 Java AS (not portal)?



We just took our NW7.02 Pure JAVA AS system to NW7.4 last patch level,

Using SUM SP09


DB = Oracle

The update went fine. But now, we have some custom code we need to deploy. The format is .ear

In the past, we could use SDM, but that is gone. JSPM is no longer an option with 7.4

I read this note:

1715441 - How to deploy .SDA / .EAR files on J2EE servers on Netweaver release 7.1 and higher

but I don't think it takes into account 7.4

I tried using SUM again, but it does not detect the ear file.

SC = Software Component; DC = Development Component; SAR = SAP Archive;

JAR = Java Archive

the old telnet localhost 50008 no longer works

I tried the "deploy.csh" script, but again, the typical 50004 does not connect at all.

The guiconsole script is also not working. I suspect because again, the typical telnet ports are no longer listening with NW7.4 JAVA AS.

Please tell me, how can I deploy my EAR file?

Is the only option NWDS? what am I missing?