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Feb 14, 2014 at 03:14 PM

Patches on customer test tenant


Hey Experts,

I have a question concerning lifecycle management on customer test tenants:

We created an add-on solution on a customer test tenant. Later, I created a patch to make further changes. When you do this, an additional patch version of the solution is created. At this point, a message pops up stating that the patch content would be copied back into the original solution after the "Assemble and download"-function is executed on the patch solution.

There's also a paragraph in the 1308 studio documentation which indicates the same:

Creating a Patch on a Customer's Test Tenant

When you create a patch of a solution on a customer's test tenant, the system creates a copy of your solution in a new namespace allowing you to make and test your changes without disrupting the original solution. This patch type is called a patch solution. When you want to test your patch solution in the test tenant, you first need to use the Implementation Manager in the studio to enable the patch solution instead of the original

solution in the test tenant. When you assemble the patch solution, the patch is copied back to the namespace of the original solution.

The patch solution is used for all future updates to the original solution. Any changes you need to make in the future can be made by creating a new patch again. To do this, open the existing patch solution in the Implementation Manager toolbar and click Create Patch. All future patches are created in the same patchsolution but each patch has a different version number.

Now, I just did "Assemble and download", no errors, the file was downloaded. But as it seems, the patch is not merged into the original solution automatically. Do I have to upload the patch into the original solution manually to get it on the same patch level??



Kind Regards



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