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Feb 14, 2014 at 10:16 AM

SAP GUI SSO in multiple domain



We have requirement to implement the SSO for ECC system using AD, We have domain installation for both the system but issue is that we are using different domain for Servers user (<SID>adm and SAPService<SID>) and End users exist on different domain, So my question is can we configure SSO using kerberos ??

  1. SAP systems are on Windows 2008 server.
  2. SAP Systems has version NW 7.31 and kernel 720_EXT.
  3. SAP system are in different domain ABC.
  4. Active Directory users are in domain DEF.
  5. Domain DEF has ABC and other subsidary domains.

I was checking over the net and found that we can achieve it by setting the trust between the servers but unable to find How to guide to achieve the same.

Also let me know if it include additional cost of any license and what is difference between various type of Kerberos,SPNEGO,NTLM, X.509 and what we can achieve with SAP Netweaver Single Sign On 2.0 server, Does it include extra license cost ?